My name is Justine,
I'm a traveler who loves immersion
and I use photography, drawing and writing
to tell short, simple or intimate stories.
Analogue cameras and black pen.

Layout designer for presse magazine, fanzine lover,
I need to go surf whenever possible, sharks defender,
deep in love with the rhythm of the seasons.


Photography and mix medias
August 2019. Festival Gliding Barnacles,

January 2019. Verse Collective,
Sri Lanka.


Photography - Magazine
2020. TIMEisNOW Surfers Collective Mag issue 1.

Photography and writing - Magazine
2017. Neon magazine (FR) #issue 61. "Breeding the wild".
(Online version)

Photography - Magazine
2016. Neon magazine (FR) #issue 48. "sleepy homies" serie.
(Online version)
2016. Azimuth (ES) #fanzine 1. Photographs about surf culture.

Photography - Online
2016. Floatmagazine (US). "and also the wind" serie.
2008. I-Breed (FR). "Petites danses urbaines".

Writing - Online
2010. Lense (FR). Stanley Green "entre chien et loup".
2010. Lense (FR). Larry Clark "Kiss the past hello".

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